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Sayonil Mitra

Collab Final Take

The video and audio together. I tried to find most clutter free wall for background in my house and this is the best spot to record I could find. Aileé let me know if this is good or I need to record again.
Your tone sounds excellent Sayonil! Is there a reason why the video is shaky?
Thanks Aileé. I know the shaky thing is an issue I could not remove. This was recorded by the only phone we have in my house. Its camera, I honestly don't know whats the issue with it, does this weird thing. When we had a tripod, we still had the issue. Do you think I need to re record? I will try but can't guarantee that the shaky thing will not be there :(
(EDIT: I think I can make this video a bit better. I just learnt that there is something called "stabilizer" in my video editing software. I will learn it quick and see if it fixes the shakes in my video. If it does, I will upload the corrected video tomorrow)
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