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Contest entry(blues)

I wrote a blues song for the contest so I relied heavily on PGs masterclass for this. I used lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the solo and lessons 7 and 9 for the chords underneath.

Lesson two is mostly clear from the use of motifs, 3 and 4 are more on the landing tones and color tones. For example I land in the third quite a lot and combine minor and major thirds over the I chord. The scale I based most of this on is the B minor pentatonic scale with some added notes making it more resemblant of the Dorian mode/voodoo scale over the IV chord.

The chords used are B7/E7 and F#7 and when I start strumming I use a G7 in between the F#7 and the E7 making it a color chord.

As far as my dreams for music/guitar go I would very much like to make a living as a musician. Preferably a touring musician playing arenas and things like that(I for some reason have a preference for in door shows and prefer to aim high 😅)
Love it ! Don’t forget to add what you love about the school and what your dreams and aspirations are for guitar and/or music in general ! 😃
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