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since me and ryan didnt jam, i decided to play out the songs myself. i would have added the song in the background but it took long enough uploading this lol set list will be posted later
1. from the cradle to enslave (with ok arpeggios)
2. malice through the looking glass
3. tortured soul asylum
4 amor e morte
5 lord abortion
6 her ghost in the fog
7 beneath the howling stars
8 13 autumns in a widow (still learning parts of this)
9 cruelty brought thee orchids
10 dusk and her embrace
Great job in keeping up with it despite being on quarantine! This is how we all get good! Keep it up, brother!
I'm still forced to work we are essential apparently. People are getting better at the 6 feet apart thing..

If I'm feeling ok will be jamming this weekend. I was cautious incase I did have something. But if I caught anything i think I'd feel it by now. I'll definitely.know then cause its be almost 14 days since the province shut down.

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