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dark eyes improv

Little improv over Dark eyes. I did a better improv off camera and it isn't perfect so some feedback is definitely appreciated!
I don't know how long you've been playing, but it sounds/looks good to me. I'm pretty sure your on the right path if you just continue what your doing. I don't think I heard any muted notes, hammer-on/pull-offs or tremolo picking. Do they not do that in Jazz? Not sure myself, maybe it's some things you could add to spice it up even more? Is that a special Jazz guitar? The bridge looks different to me. Oh and what song is that? I want to try jam n it tomorrow too, I want to learn that rhythm especially. Cheers!
Those are a lot of questions😅

I've been playing for over 10 years, in principle hammer ons can be done in jazz if you want to I just don't do them but you're right you can o some cool gypsy licks with it. I can't recall ever hearing anyone do tremolo picking in gypsy jazz.

It's a gitane, they are used in gypsy jazz to get the gypsy tone.

The song is called Dark eyes or less truck noir, it's also in the title of this upload😅

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