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Dominik Gräber

"Dawn" - Demo Feb21

Rough demo of my new original I am working on. One guitar only, no Metronome. Only played the "main" riffs. Finished song is to have two guitars with more backup riffs.

Proud on this one cause it was the first take and a one take! I think this gives a pretty good idea where the song is going. It's all finished in my head but until I recorded everything for good it will be another while. Still not quite there yet. Wasn't sure if I should keep the parts you haven't heard yet secret and surprise y'all when it's done but I figured I'd share.
That riff at 1:12, I really like it! You have good timing, I've been trying practice those hand slides, maybe I need more distortion or change my amp settings. Maybe a compressor
Thanks. Those slides have nothing to do with Tone, Just technique. If you struggle with it I'd advice practicing on the Clean channel
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