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day 3 major scale

trying to work on proper finger placement. Last run through I didnt do too bad.

apologies about fan didnt realize it was facing me
I absolutely LOVE videos like this ! It’s a great way to track your progress too.
Obviously I can tell you’re definitely thinking about your finger placement which is good, it’ll come more natural the more you do it. Other than that, you’re definitely hitting those notes solid man! That something people often struggle with and you’re nailing it ! Keep it up dude ! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
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there's a free metronome if you search metronome on oogle. i like to keep it at 80 bpms sometimes even 60. maybe you tried one before but i'll just say it. you can start with 1 note per click than 2 per click ( i think it's called double-time ) than there's 3 per click ( triplets ) and 4 = 16th notes if I'm right.
it's good to make a habit of using one from the start. syn said it sometime after city of evil when they all had to go tighten up their timing
sorry if i'm a bit confusing and i almost forgot my manners. your doing great, keep up the good work!
definitely going to do that im sure practicing timing at the same time will be super beneficial
Great to see your posting! Good work! I agree with William, once you are comfortable playing the notes you should start using a metronome for timing and also for practicing an even picking motion
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