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William Byerley

eminem - my name is (mix)

I made another beat, worked on it last night and this afternoon. I focused mostly on picking sounds that I thought sounded cool together and what I'm currently capable of creating. I mixed different kits/apps from the ones available on GarageBand. I could only input 2-3 sounds at a time so I had to layer them, they're looped and a little off. After the beat I added Eminem's vocal track from "My Name Is", I than looped the beat tracks to fit the vocal track. My second focus was the bass line, I decided to go with a constant alternating pace between 2 single note riffs, played it along with the song after I added the vocal track.
After all that I didn't know where to fit guitar parts, hesitant on the right sounds and it may get cluttered.
I already heard parts I could fix or add and I might jam over the beat for fun, got a habit for not revisiting stuff I was working on. Probably my best project yet, thanks for listening. \../,
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