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first dance

Song 6 on the Centzless album.

This is by far one of my favourite tunes on this album because of the way it flows everlasting. refer to comments for explanation and pic

This riff and song idea came when I was doing the chord family lesson. Being a step down thought, I did the entire chord family for G minor. At this time, I didn't realize bflat was my relative major. In realize this is a 7 1 progression in G minor, or you could also say its a 5 6 progression in Bflat.

I took both chords (F and Gm) and made triadds. I then moved them around and the top is the 2 chords I made out of them. Even thought the power chords are there, I do not believe I actually use them in the song.

So the song opens up with the arpeggios of the chords. In the other speaker is the chords played in whole. the 2nd time around I start tremolo picking the final chord. Which I actually think is the octave of the first note I play in the arpeggio. (could be wrong id have to check). Then we get into the first verse. Which is just the 2 chords strummed. You hear the F more then the G, but it definitely resolves to G. There is a lead part that plays the G minor pentatonic scale. It then goes into the first chorus. Again, playing the pentatonic scale. We then hit the turn around where it distorts the clean notes. This is my favourite part of the song.. it turns into palm mutes before hitting the 2nd chorus.

I and literally playing the same melody in the 2nd chorus, but I dropped it down an octave and a string. I'm not 100% its exact note for note or if I'm just playing the melody in a different position. But its definitely down an octave too. Then we get into the bridge where we revisit the melody in the first verse before hitting the solo. The progression over the solo is Gminor to Bflat to F to G. The song then closes out with a bit of a slow down.

The idea behind everything which the lyrics sorta explain is a dance. The lyrics paint the picture of a first dance, which apparently is happening on a wedding day. Which realistically would be a lot of peoples first real dance. It WILL be mine. I'm sure of that. Once we hit the solo, and breakdown at the end. It's literally the dance going on. Or the idea behind it was a dance. It clearly slows down after the solo (each hammer on is the sway of the hip). You eventually get tired, which is the slow down before fully dying down at the end of the song.

This song represents my favourite song writing idea. Taking a small melody and exploding it. Progressing slowly into something BIG. Smallest to biggest.

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