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Jak Angelescu

Frozen 2 - Show Yourself Day 1

My hands hurt after practicing this for two hours😂 but revisiting the old lessons today made me realize how much I'm lacking in the basics all over again.
Awww, this is so sweet!!!! 😍
I love the fact that you are an excellent guitar player, but decided to revisit the basic things. I see it as something that I should always keep in mind: as I develop my skills on guitar, I should never think that I know everything and that the basic things don't matter. We can always practice more and become better and better.
Next time, I wanna see your rendition of Let It Go, pleaaaase! 😜
Well done my friend! That’s one of the best things about this site, we can go back to whatever lesson we want, whenever we feel the need. That’s priceless. Every few months I’ll sort of scan through beginners and intermediate lessons and so often I’ll see something that pops out at me that I’ve either been slacking on or totally forgot about. Like I said, priceless. Happy to see this post from you 😄
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Omg this was awesome ! I love seeing you play stuff that doesn’t melt my face off lol. Definitely a cool change of pace. You were so cute too when you held out that note you were singing while you were trying to get that one chord. Lol

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