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God, playing standing up is no joke 😨 Wish you were here -Avenged Sevenfold version

Tried for the first time to play standing up, well...I have to work A LOT on this 😂 It felt super weird and some chords turned out sorta palm muted, messed up a lot too. But yeah, this is my first attempt, it can only get better from here! Have a nice Sunday SGS fam 🖤
Playing Standing up is a different beast! But you rocked it! I'd suggest next time you learn a rhythm Song, learn it Standing up from the start!
I know @Jak Angelescu will be Hella proud of you!
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All jokes aside, well done! You added yourself a challenge and you played great! Your chord transition is getting better, you are following well the song and just overall are doing great!

As for standing up, it takes practice but its not as difficult as it seems, it just requires time and practice! I have been practicing only standing up since june and tbh, I got used to it and wouldnt do it any other way and it gets super comfortable given that your guitar is at the right height! But playing standing up is not necessary so feel free to just sit down and relax too :)

All said and done, good job! :rock-hand:
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Yessss!!! 💪 AWESOME JOB!!!
My favorite are your tempo and how your shoulders and picking hand look pretty much relaxed.
Playing standing up is definitely hard, it took me nearly 3 years to feel confident to try and I have a hard time every time I do😅
Keep up your great job!
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@Akshat Rawat thank you so much!! 🖤 Yeah I hope I can manage to get rid of the unintended palm muting 😂 fun thing is when I want to actually palm mute, I can never do it at first try 😂😂😂

@Dominik Gräber thank you so much Dom!! 🖤 I will absolutely try to learn a song standing up from the start, thanks for the advice!! Really hope our queen Jak will like this

@Radu-Cristian Perde omgggg I knew something was missing!!!!! 😭😭😭 but fear not it will come back soon 😂😂 thank you so much 🖤🖤

@Mariler Ferrer thank you Mariler!!! Means a lot to me 🖤🖤🖤
Okay, your chord changing and fingering are remarkably relaxed and confident - this is HUGE. Your strumming pattern is off from the song, but you're still very much in time and consistent. And you've got Wonder Woman looking over your shoulder, which is always helpful.

You are a lot farther along than you think you are. Well done!
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