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Heretic Intro - First attempt

Wanted to do some rhythm work since I've done lots of solo stuff, and ended up here. Wanted to give myself a bit of a challenge and man did I get one! Here's my first attempt at the intro for Heretic! It's messy particularly at the end of the intro where I can't quite place the notes, but not bad for a first go, and I know I will get it with a bit more work!! Also, I really need to get better with using the metronome, I keep going too fast! It's a good song to work on though, great with the 3-7 and 1-5 stretches, as well as working on picking as it's a weird one! Any tips appreciated! Cheers
Also - that last bit of constant (1-2-3-4-nope... 1-2-3-4-nope...) I apologise you had to watch the same thing like, 6 times XD
I can see you're getting there. My tip would be listening to the song slowed down and learning the "slowed down" version first, so you always have a good feel for the timing. Maybe also leave out stuff like strong vibrato at first cause that will come naturally when you are more comfortable with playing the notes :)
Keep it up!
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This is a tough intro to do with small hands (I know - I have short sausage fingers even though my hands are big). The big trick to learning here, aside from getting the odd notes, stretches and patterns involved, is getting good at muting the strings you're not playing while not muting the notes you're playing, and that's a big part of what makes this intro challenging. Keep it up!
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