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a newer song that was written around the same time as my 2nd set of songs I have up on spotify. This one isn't there but will be when I release the next 10. This is the 2nd one I'm gonna hightlight as synner was the first. refer to comments for the details.
the verse of this song is pretty simple honest. I was listening to foo fighters at the time, so the one speaker is like the intro to my hero.

0 0 0 0
5 4 5 7

thats in one speaker. In the OTHER speaker, I took that same double stop, and moved it down the fretboard. so its down on the next 2 strings. I thought having each position in each speaker would be a neat idea, and it came off sounding better then I ever expected. BIG TIP WHEN RECORDING. Always try to play the same thing but in a different way if you are gonna double your tracks up rhythmly. I feel that adds to the elements and keeps you looking for more everytime you listen as you will never catch everything going on at once.

The chorus is something completely different. Each speaker has its own set of chords but the progression is the same. One side has I think D flat major chord and then I invert it by taking the root up to the 3 5 5. I do this exactly the same way but with the Emajor chord. (9 and 12 top string is the change in the cord for D flat and 12 and 15 for E major) both are D shapes from the caged system. I hope thats a good enough explanation.. I may have the chords wrong because this isn't a step down its Estandard on the gretsch,.

Repeat the verse again, and chorus.. and at this point we start to ring pick the chords. this is my favourite part of the song. Reverb added for extra effect. We then go back into the final verse before repeating chorus and vright again.

This was the point of my writing process where I saw my songs getting shorter but better flowing. I also felt my creativity was at an all time high. the improvs got longer and the music was never ending. There was a falling off soon after that when things started going downhill and the songs got meaner. This set of songs wasn't suppose to be heavy. And you'll see as I release more they started out melodic, and ended up just being bangers at the end.

This song is about going on Vacation. Almost the same idea as Run away. But were picturing where we want to go.
This has a really interesting vibe. Very eerie, kind of brings about an uncomfortable or uncertain feeling.
This has a really interesting vibe. Very eerie, kind of brings about an uncomfortable or uncertain feeling.
There is a lot of tension for sure.. its weird because the resolutions aren't your normal ones.. this was before I really knew the chords I was playing. But since syn said to try it thats what I did.

But honestly nothing really adds up together verse chorus wise are 2 completely different progressions. I'm not even sure I'd they are the same scales. But the chords sounded pretty to me so I went with it. The arpeggios are neat because it's really the first time i tried to take a picking arrangement and double it up over a lead dual.

If you listen you can hear the bass line is completely different too. I dont remember what i did but it also didn't really match up 100% with the double stops. The chorus is the 2 chords played as notes together on bass. The rumble it gave off sounded amazing. Especially when I accidently hit the bottom string in the last chorus. Basically was a bassdrop.

My favourite part is the vocal melody in the bridge. Some of my best melodies come off right on the spot. The more I try to change them the worse they end up sounding. Go with your gut.

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