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Alicia Willis

Learning “Down In a Hole”(unplugged version) by Alice In Chains

Haven’t felt like play lately but started learning this last night a little bit today. It’s one of my Favorite AIC songs and kind of fitting for the moment. Wanted to share progress and also upload to keep myself accountable and to finish what I’ve started.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome.
A few things I’ve noticed already:
I know my timing is off right now (just trying to get the right notes and fingerings)

I have a hard time transitioning from the E minor chord to the F power chord, and at times I’m not pressing the strings hard enough (got lazy with the electric I suppose lol) and that slide is wonky haha.

Also, I’m not sure of the strumming pattern but I’m going to watch some live videos and see if I can get it.
Such an amazing song, their unplugged album is prob the 2nd best of the unplugged shows in my book, right behind nirvana unplugged

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