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Millie Imber

Learning the Fretboard - 1st Position!

Didn't originally plan on uploading this as I started recording stuff this morning just to document my own progress. However, I figured it'd probably help my motivation to put it out there and want to improve on it later! Apologies in advance for my background, rambling, etc. So here we go, me learning the absolute basics, which @Jak Angelescu encouraged me to do after one of my vids on Instagram!

My next goal is to revisit my Kakariko Village cover thing on my Instagram and learn all of the notes the chords use, so I can gain a better understanding of what I'm doing! I'll also most likely be going back to the CAGED system stuff with this as well! Hopefully this will give me enough to do when I take small breaks from trying to sweep!
You sound great! I'm also learning the fretboard =). From a beginner stand point, you have good form in your hand and I'm excited to hear more!

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