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continuing with the pattern last week I'm gonna add a new song I dont have listed anywhere. This song actually had a brief appearance on the site before but not fully finished. This song came from an Amanda Palmer contest she had last year or two years ago. She had a news paper about a moment where new york lost power.. I could find the post on her instagram I think. I was late on the contest, but I still finished the song. refer to comments for song explanation.
Song starts off with a harmonic with the sustainiac. Thats the power going out.

The song is a 3 2 1 progression in B flat. It's a pretty simple song. The chorus is openly strummed. The verse is two parts, rhythm distortion palm muted and then the clean prechorus/solo backtrack which is just arpeggios in one side and a lead in the other side.

Second verse is the same up til the prechorus where I go up an octave. The first verse is longer, 2 extra bars each side before the solo. The solo was 100% improvised. My favourite is the ending lick. It used to have another bar but it felt more natural to let it go into the chorus this way. The solo actually leads into the chorus. which leads into a dual which follows the rhythm up to bflat where it plays a Bflat arpeggio. It was one of the first songs I started adding little arpeggios into the duals.

I'm not even sure if she saw the song, but it was definitely one I enjoyed writing.
one thing I wanted to note.. the drums. In the solo you will hear a neat thing happen with the cymbol. It slows right down and eventually goes to one strike a bar. I did this in the take and wasn't too sure I liked it but when listening to it a few times I realized it was almost unnoticed. It's almost fitting that it would slow down and allow the guitar to take over the speakers. So I decided to keep it that way.

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