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Metallica - The Day That Never Comes (intro practice)

Hi, guys!
So, I just started learning this part of the song, 'cause I thought it would be easy and it would give me some motivation to keep my practice routine going.
I know, I should start using a metronome. But I thought it was harder to play with it (?). It got me really confused. Is it really hard, at the beginning, to get used to the metronome? Does anyone have any tip/advice to share about it?
Sounding good, if I could offer a suggestion it would be to get the pinky involved. Barre the g,b,e strings with your index at the 12th and use your remaining fingers to fret the other notes as required, letting all the notes ring out.

As for the metronome, for this song set it for quarter notes (if necessary set the tempo slower than the song), and you should be aiming for 2 notes per click, like '1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &', numbers on the click, the &'s falling inbetween.

Hope that makes sense.

Keep up the practice🤘
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Great job to even attempt that. Best advice I can give is keep your fingers of your fretting hand as close to the fretboard as possible to minimize movement and enable you to get back to those notes faster.
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Well done sys, keep going! 👏😻

I think I have a few tips for you to get used to the metronome:

Go to YouTube and put the music you want to learn with half speed and try counting the notes per beat.
Then you set up your metronome a half slower than the original tempo of the song. You'll reproduce the sequence you heard in the music and it will be at a tempo you can follow along. If it's still fast, reduce it in a half again, till you're comfortable with it. ☺️

Metronomes are so confusing when you have more than one note per beat, so you should start veeeeery veeeery slowly. I always have the clock as my reference, so I always try to play one note per second when I'm lost, cause it's a time I'll forever know :ROFLMAO:
The BPM then will vary based on how many notes I have per beat. If I have 1 note per beat, I put it at 60 BPM, if I have 2, I put it inicially at 30 BPM, and if it's 4, then 15 BPM. That's the starting point!

When you learn the sequence at the time set up, you increase it little by little, some recommend jumping from 5 to 5 BPM, others from 10 to 10 BPM. The faster you evolve, the harder it gets, so it's totally ok if you increase it less, like from 3 to 3 when close to the goal! ✌️

I don't know if that's exactly your struggle, but if not, reach me out, maybe I can help you I little more 🤔

Good practicing! Can't wait to see your progress on this one 🥰
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I admire you so much for trying this song :love: I tried to play it once and gave up on it like 3 days later 😹
One tip I can offer is to change to sweep picking on your right hand. I was so used to downpick every note and it was a bit confusing when I tried to switch to sweep picking, but when I got it right, it was really helpful to gain some speed!
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Nice! Metronome isn't really hard but it's there to keep you in time just like a drummer would for example. It basically helps you with your timing
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Yay goooo sys!!! As for the metronome, it's really important and Yes, very confusing to use on songs for me 😂😂 if I can't really manage to use it, I download the song and slow it down with an app so I can follow that and learn it on the right timing 😊 but yeah, using the metronome is better probably 😬
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Great job!!

As far as metronome goes (which is indeed essential): I pretty much always refer to tabs at least for the basic timing information, even if I'm trying to learn the rest by ear.
So you would want tabs that at least show: The bpm (which usually measures the number of quarter notes per minute, sometimes 8ths notes), the time signature (most of the time 4/4, 3/4 or 6/8) and the actual rhythm (how long is each note or strum actually?). On ultimate guitar, all "official versions" (think you need a subscription for those) and most guitar pro versions have those.
For this song in particular: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/metallica/the-day-that-never-comes-guitar-pro-993960
Luckily, we have a 4/4 beat (so you count it as 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &, as Adin already said), and you are just playing straight 8th notes. So set your metronome to something SUPER SLOW, like 30 bpm or so, and play two notes per click. It needs to be so slow that you are really comfortable hitting the notes on point. Once you are comfortable, speed it up in small steps (like Aquamandy said), until it becomes challenging. For each new bpm level, practice until it is comfortable, until at some point you are comfortable with the actual target bpm (for this song, 118 bpm).
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