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Golden Goddess Guitar Leaderboard

My Competition Entry

Sorry I'm very awkward talking to the camera haha!

For my entry I have taken the teaching from the seven major scale positions and played them in one place on the neck which has helped me learn the shapes and differences better and how to apply them. The backing track is there to show the way they sound over each scales major root tones. For the sixth position halfway through the backing track switches to the relative minor over the same notes just to show the power of relative minor.

I touch on it at the end of the video, but my favourite thing about the school is the way there are always people working on their own skills and sharing progress. Seeing people at all skill levels really makes me feel like I can keep pushing to reach the next level in my own playing, and I have gained a lot of confidence thanks to the staff (especially the Instagram) and the word of encouragement I see shared among fellow students. It’s just a lovely community of people learning.

Any questions lmk!
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