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Cooper Brady

My Entry for the Synyster Gates Pedal Contest.

Confession time... this is my first riff. This contest prompted me to write one, and I actually think it turned out really well. The Syn's Tips that I used the most were lessons 48, on chord building, 71, on the chromatic scale, 73, on alternate picking, and 47 on pinch harmonics. I used chord building (48) throughout the clean part of the riff, extending and augmenting the chords. I used the chromatic scale (71) in the dirty part using those half steps. The pinch harmonics lesson (47) helped me figure out how to hit those with consistency in the dirty part, and the alternate picking lesson (73) helped me simply become a better player. Thanks to everyone who set up the contest and for taking the time to listen to my first riff. Bye!
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