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My first solo!! (Bat country)

So I’ve had a really shitty day just haven’t been feeling right, anxiety had been bugging me and I felt a bit shakey but I decided why not give synner Saturday a go it may help me feel a bit better and guess what It did! So I’m here to say that music can really help when your feeling down just hearing a7x and playing along made me forget about my day and I just had fun! You’d never know I was feeling horrible before this video So if you ever feel sad or just not great pick up your guitar and give it a go! Also I know I forgot the vibrato lol I wasn’t thinking about that cuz yet again shitty day hahaha. Ohhh and I’ll upload a full cover of the song once I finish the last part of the solo
Hell yeah girl! Everything you said in the description is exactly what this riff section is for. Everything you did was great. You fought through your anxiety and you worked on guitar which is exactly what this was supposed to be for! Keep making progress even if life sucks.
This is a pretty advanced solo and I highly suggest you keep practicing it at slower speeds to the metronome. You've got some good picking with your right hand going on just keep it up!
Vibrato, like you already knew, and bending to pitch. This is a very difficult solo, with a lot of precision, expressive bending, right from the start. That would be a good area to focus on first, and hell yeah you were TOTALLY having fun, which is VITAL!
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