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Mariler Ferrer

My Sharona -solo progress 1st vid

Haven't been around lately, I'm sorry...but I'm back now.
I thought it was a good idea to track my progress on this solo. I'm taking it as a long term project because it's soooo fast that is hard for me to follow, and I need to work on my technique separately, otherwise I get stuck like at 80% and can't speed up. I started some months ago and I come and go, practice for a period, then kind of quit, then go back to it and so and so. Started at a very slow speed and have been speeding up little by little during these months in the hope that I would eventually be able to reach 100%. Here you can see my suffering trying to follow 100%. I know some parts need putting the metronome down and cleaning up. That's why I wanted to share with y'all and I'll be posting here my progress
This solo sounds so fun and it's sounding pretty good already! No need to apologize for not being as present, sometimes life just gets in the way a little bit 😅
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