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3rd song I'm high lighting and one of my favourites. refer to comments for description.
Back in the first year or two syn used to send secret videos which were unlisted youtube videos. Eventually they got out and people abused the idea and I think thats why we dont get them anymore. Anyways, one of the videos said to take a regular chord and move a finger around. Thats what this song was practicing. Lets see if I can remember the chords I used.. lol It's a rather simple progression and its honestly just moved around the fretboard thanks to the caged system connections I made.

Open ring arpeggios to start it off. Its I believe.. C major C aug C major D7 which the second time around resolves to Daug. I guess thats what makes this all work in the end. There is so much tension in the entire verse.I have my reverb pedal on (MXR reverb) set to plate. It's cranked I believe.. I never really move my stuff around honestly. The verse picks the intro with vocals. The song is how I felt about someone who is no longer in my life.

Once we get to the end of the verse we resolve again to D aug. the chorus is just the two chords strummed back and forth. C major C aug. The ending resolves the same way as the verse does. verse 2 had an extra verse cycle before we hit the best part of the song. I usually use my lead tone overtop my grundge pedal but here I used my clean tone with my reverb. It gave off an amazing sound and I kept with it.

It's worth mentioning now that each speaker is slightly different. up til here it was just a pick up difference on each side. Bridge and neck on each side. Here I change up the way I strum the chords and move them up a position. I make it more a riff then a normal strum to be honest as I bounce off some double stops. Its probably very hard to hear what I'm playing but i'm playing the C major chord in the AMajor position. Then I play the aug. eventually one side plays a little lick that I believe is the Daug to Caug major resolve instead of the one used before. I'd have to check the notes to make sure.. eventually I finish of Daug and let it fade before hitting the intro again. It was so powerful the first time I just had to finish it off as well.

Because this song is pretty simple and is more a tone change then anything I'm gonna post a newer song and explain those chords as well. It was kind of made at the same time.
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