Nightmare solo

So its been a year that I started playing guitar this month, and I decided to challenge myself a lot with this...Its far from perfect, I had to go back a lot to alternate picking lessons when I had time wich was good but still struggling to alternate picking so fast...anyway sound a bit like the Nighmare solo so I have to say Im happy with this since Ive been practicing on weekends since last month...maybe in a few months I can do it again and make it sound way better :)
You know what I like the most about this? It's not perfect. You have your mistakes in there and you posted it up for us to view anyway. You should be very proud of this! I notice that you struggle in the same spots that I do with this solo. But the biggest thing I notice is that you are afraid of this solo. I can tell you're hesitant and a little nervous in a lot of it. What I would recommend, is for you to play the whole thing over and over again slowly on repeat. Play the whole solo straight through and then do it again. Because you have some spots that you are confident with but then on certain arpeggios and sweeps you lock up and kind of mess them up a little bit. Playing the solo through-and-through from start to finish will help you work out those nerves. Also, I agree with the other comments. This will help you get more confident with a stronger vibrato. You are almost there buddy! This is coming along really nicely and you have a great tone and your bends are very on pitch!
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Thanks a lot for the advice Jak! Yes no problem posting something thats not perfect I think, I feel confortable doing it especially here, like the other videos I posted Ive always got good comments from everyone saying where I need to get better and that helped a lot in my playing :) Without a doubt some parts Im not confident playing this was the "worst" thing Ive ever tried, its fast, have alternate, tremolo and sweep picking so it was definitely a struggle but made me go back to more lessons trying to get better at those tecniques!
Thanks a lot again Jak, Dominik and Alicia!!

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