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Muz Malek

#OneMonthChallenge - Critical Acclaim solo cover 🤟🏽

Back then I'd just memorize the harmonies and mindlessly shred over the shredding bits, but this time I took the time to literally slow the song down & properly pick out the notes.

Asides from the technicality, I also developed a deeper appreciation to the chords used in especially the 1st solo. While they were played in power chords, my curious mind led me to try and figure what the full chords could've been(while appreciating @Syn Gates 's choice of notes.

Here's what I picked out(correct me if i'm wrong): G - Cm - F - Bb - Bb-A(passing)-Ab - G - Cm - A(not sure if it's a 7 but a plain A aurally works)

I figured that the chords were not the typical "Dm" chord family(since of course, the main riff is already using the Phrygian bit(again correct me).

I asked my teacher(after 10 yrs of playing, i finally got myself a teacher in Aug'20), and he shared the chords in the 1st solo were moving in circle of 4ths.

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