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this riff I've been playing around with. it's exhausting to repeat but let me know what you think. m/
Practicing every day! See you guys at the Videotron centre in Quebec city in two weeks!!
One of my favorite solos. I've done some mistakes but I'm learning and improving
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Quick riff on guitar, please feel free to use or improve. Just let me know what you do with it. Be interested to see. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kOx0U0UxcB8
After watching synyster 3 string Sweep, sort of inspired this riff. Nothing original but sounds kinda cool. Again please feel free to use or improve on! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x9LRvbMDAmU
Another follow on/inspiration from synyster gates online school. Pretty simple finger tapping but I think it has a cool sound to it. Like a weird mix of the stage intro and exist vibe (fully aware I would need a million and 1 more notes to compete with the stage intro). https://m.youtube.com/watch?v
This is my cover of an awesome track from The Stage. I love the harmonies in this song. It's not a great cover but I'm really proud of some parts. (I apologize for how awful the clean parts in the bridge sound. That bit is just a mess.) Thank you all so much for watching! m/
This is hands-down one of my favorite A7X songs. The drum beat... that...drum...beat. The story behind the riff was also really entertaining. Learning that riff was quite fun! I can't wait until I get those sixlets up to par to finish the solo!
Okay, so this is such a proud moment for me, because I have DREAMED of playing this song on stage. I just adore the solo. But when I started learning this song, I couldn't even begin to ATTEMPT the intro at all. For 3 months, I'd have my guitar everywhere with me trying to work on it. I'd be on my k
I really need help figuring out the final part of the solo before the final bend. Also, i know it's clean, but i feel like i can't progress in this solo. I need help.
It was done very poorly, I don't have access to my electric guitar at the moment.
Everyone kept covering Jason Richardsons parts, but not the earlier sections! So I transcribed it and recorded it! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ip_GId8p-Y0
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