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Here's a video I made a year ago. I took some classical lesson before. I never finished the classes, but I still do practice, and learn songs through youtube, or ultimate-guitar.com lessons.
The scale here is a little tricky to describe. In terms of 12 half tones with 1 and 12 being the tonic (root note), it goes 1 -> 2 -> 4 -> 5 -> 7 -> 8 -> 11 -> 12, so if your root note is D, it would go D -> Eb -> F# -> G -> A -> Bb -> C# -> D. It's called t
My last video recorded so far, a cover of the afterlife solo, by avenged sevenfold
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This solo has some ridiculous techniques in it. It was certainly a joy to learn and definitely evolved my playing!
This is something I wrote on the spot. While it's based on the minor scale, it uses the diminished 5th and major 7th tone to give it a sense of chromaticism. It starts of with 8th note palm mutes in between accent notes and beats, and switches to 16th notes in between accented notes.
I wrote this song all around that main synth sounding part in the beginning. Was a great test of my Micro Korg
Riff from the title track of an EP I've been working on for a while. Shows my style fairly accurately, I do believe!
One of the first solos I can actually play haha, slowly starting to get more and more into lead guitar!
This is a string skipping lick in E minor. Starting from the Imi chord, then to the IVmi and Vmi.
John Mayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room Guitar Cover from the album Continuum. Enjoy! Never perfect I am only Alien. Played on a Fender American Stratocaster through a MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Ibanez Hand Wired Tube Screamer, and a Fender Super Reverb all recorded with a Zoom Q4. Like Always...Hate
Metallica Leper Messiah Guitar Cover. Little sloppy at a part or 2. Enjoy! Never perfect I am only Alien. Played on a 1983 Gibson Explorer with an EMG81 and EMG60 through MXR, Boss Effects, Mesa Boogie Mark 5, and a Marshall JVM 410H all recorded with a Zoom Q4. Like Always...Hate Welcomed!
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