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Here's a fun little dissonant sliding riff that is in Dminor. I like to use this to spice up certain runs and it sounds fast and cool and once you get the picking down is not very difficult to play. I love sliding from E to F quickly and then hybrid picking the D right after. Enjoy, and let it rip!
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I've put a lot of effort into this i was never able to write something like this i hope someone enjoys it, criticize it so i can improve 🙂 thanks
This is the first piece I learned when I started the guitar https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3r9f6-nZg8U
Yeah...so obviously this isn't an original. 🙂 I was having more fun mugging for the camera, trying to crack up Camera Mom. Looking at this, I can honestly say I could have tried to put a little more into this one. Playing slower for anything is not my strength, and it's something I am working on...
This is a solo I wrote for my band Sinful Ways. Simple yet I am confident enough in it to say I'm proud of it. Hope to maybe inspire some of you guys to write your own solos and let me know if there's anything you would've done differently or any tips!
This a collab I did with guitarist Kyle Scott. I was playing the higher harmonies while he was playing the lower harmonies. We split the solo. Thanks for watching and comments are appreciated!
I've been playing guitar for a 1.5 year and this is my first own solo. This is my entry to solo contest in YouTube. I hope you enjoy it.
Don't judge the end. I don't know if it's 100000% correct, I was just wiggling my fingers as fast as I could.
After hearing Exist off of The Stage, I realized that I sucked at guitar. So I practiced for a few months and then this happened. You won't find this song online, it's an original that I'm working on so if you wanna hear the whole thing, be patient yo.
I learned the term Gypsy Jazz from Synyster Gates Master Class. This inspired me to dig into this genre and challenge myself to learn this style of playing. I highly recommend anyone at this school to look further into Gypsy Jazz, there is a lot to learn from this genre! For those of you who already
Here's a cover I did of "Roman Sky" by A7X. I post a lot of other covers on My youtube channel so make sure to check them out! I have been playing guitar for 2 years/
Here's a cover I did on A7X's new song "Roman Sky". I post a lot of other covers on my YouTube channel. I have been playing guitar for 2 years.
Tried picking with a fist instead of the way I used to speed pick. Don’t know how my fingers do it but it sounds cool. Enjoy! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SyvD3_QBsf8
My right hand is not fluid from high string to low string. The third part is hard, I palm mute while going low to high. I will continue practicing this until I feel easy. See you next year!
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