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This is my cover of an awesome Iron Maiden track. Thanks so much for watching. Hope you all enjoy it!
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SOLO RECOMMENDATION. The solo in One by Metallica is one I would recommend to anyone who wants to practice their tapping and legato. Not the best quality but I hope you guys enjoy and try learning this one yourselves! Any advice would go a long way
I was going to wait until the Rev's birthday to post this, but I just had to get it out there!
This is a riff I wrote that off my new album to be released soon. I originally wrote it just working on my picking hand speed not intending it to be anything. I like working with 3rds and just noodling through different ones on the fret board this is what I came up with.
Here's a fun little dissonant sliding riff that is in Dminor. I like to use this to spice up certain runs and it sounds fast and cool and once you get the picking down is not very difficult to play. I love sliding from E to F quickly and then hybrid picking the D right after. Enjoy, and let it rip!
I've put a lot of effort into this i was never able to write something like this i hope someone enjoys it, criticize it so i can improve 🙂 thanks
This is the first piece I learned when I started the guitar obviously this isn't an original. 🙂 I was having more fun mugging for the camera, trying to crack up Camera Mom. Looking at this, I can honestly say I could have tried to put a little more into this one. Playing slower for anything is not my strength, and it's something I am working on...
This is a solo I wrote for my band Sinful Ways. Simple yet I am confident enough in it to say I'm proud of it. Hope to maybe inspire some of you guys to write your own solos and let me know if there's anything you would've done differently or any tips!
This a collab I did with guitarist Kyle Scott. I was playing the higher harmonies while he was playing the lower harmonies. We split the solo. Thanks for watching and comments are appreciated!
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