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A little tribute to Papa Gates, I hope I'm not wrong and this is the solo you recorded for this song. This is a very joyful and fun to play lick, hope you enjoy!
Video of me playing a while back. I had just learned the songs and wanted to show it on Youtube.
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This was a simple song we cranked out to debut our new singer Kendall back in 2015. I'm playing my Jim Root wannabe Tele and see if you can hear "Carnivore" by Starset in the main riff. Most of my riffs come from just noodling around with others then just following it down the rabbit hole.
Bat Country- this is my first ever recording direct through my laptop using a 6505mh but I'd love to get an SM57. Also didn't know how to add in harmonies
I know its a tad sloppy but I'm working on it! Yes the guitar is green! It is a prototype bought from DrumcityGuitarland! Your comments are appreciated!
Trying to play with feeling, almost like a singing voice. Needs some work, though, I'm not sure if there is a lesson covering that? If so, someone feel free to link me to it, please!
We miss you Rev <3 But we all know you will come and when you come, you gonna be the knife master... foREVer!
This is one of the four songs that I currently am working on. Should probably finish the ones Ive started before making new ones, but when you have a new idea for a riff or a song, its so fun to start playing around!
Cover of Cemetery Gates solo written by the legendary Dimebag Darrell. You can see my mother entering the room when she heard the first notes, probably because that's her favorite song ever. Or maybe the dinner was just ready, who knows?
This is my original band Grim Republic. I am on stage right and play the first solo of the song as well as the many lead parts.
This is one of the the first compositions I ever made for a band, I kinda like it very much beacuse I was o much influenced by Synyster playing and Avenged Sevenfold. I'd like to see someone rating it, thanks.
In memory of the great late Walter Becker, half of the master duo that is Steely Dan.
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