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I really need help figuring out the final part of the solo before the final bend. Also, i know it's clean, but i feel like i can't progress in this solo. I need help.
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Everyone kept covering Jason Richardsons parts, but not the earlier sections! So I transcribed it and recorded it!
Not all are perfected. Just progress from my first year of playing. I hope to get better here.
Learned this by ear with pretty shitty quality, didn't know how to make a decent sounding video at the time.
Shoutout to Syn, Papa Gates, and Martin Ronning for the tips. I struggled with getting clean sweeps but now it seems to be clearing up!
The backing track is from System of a Down's "Lonely Day". Its not great I need improvement but that's why I'm here.
I love a good metal power ballad. Two of my favorite songs of all time are Metallica's Fade to Black and Pantera's Cemetery Gates. This was my attempt to write a song with a similar type of vibe.
For this song, I was going for a different feel. I think it has an 8/4 feel or something around that, until the end of the song. It has a bit of a Lamb of God vibe.