Did a little experiment to see how my riff / song thing sounded in drop d. I slightly changed the chorus to suit drop d and also added a little intro run that kinda plays with the main melody. Sorry for bad camera angle and sloppy playing. To the guys that saw my original riff, tell me if you prefer standard or drop d!
Hey guys! I am playing solos and lead guitar on this event. Here are the things that I realized. -Even holding a guitar when you are standing is a whole different thing.I did not expect it to be hard. -Playing with other musicians helped me a lot. Even to be in rehearsals is something else rather than being at home and recording by your own. I support everyone on this to be social ,as an amateur guitar player like most of us. -Appetite for Destruction is a no filler all killer record.
This one had me going for a little over an hour and my fingers are definitely TORN up from the last few days, but well worth it. I’m starting to see the chor...
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Here's my solo for the collab. Synching audio is still a bit of a struggle and may have gone slight SRV somewhere in the middle.
practicing a part from the a7x song bat country i got the tab from ultimate guitar dott com
Man I shit you not I have been working on this for the last two hours and it’s 3am. These are the lessons I have needed to take my playing to the next level ...
@[5:@Jak Angelescu] @[1427:@Ed Seith] I remembered it! I was jamming and trying to fit the Chords of my F major progression in different styles. Came up with this riff. It's not my original progression but I am still using most of my chords in there. Especially focused on the Dm and Gm triad. I know @[4668:@Alicia Willis] really likes that minor sound :P
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I just love my teacher that's all I'm going to say. He issued me a way to improve my speed and I got 42BPM faster in just a few hours of practicing. This is the fastest I've ever played!!
I recently started to try “one” by Metallica. I’m sure I’m not the only one whom when practicing I mess up and I just start all over. I decided to practice with the recording so I wouldn’t start over and have to fumble my way through. Idk if this is a good idea but for me I felt it made me really think about the song and the rhythm and know where to come back in after I messed up time and time again. So many perfect videos are posted, I wanted to showcase a not so perfect one. One of someone really trying to feel their way through. I got frustrated, but with the song playing and hearing the lead guitar I felt the need to jump back on even if it was shit and only for a second. I felt the need to keep going !
So, the idea is to develop finger strength independence, sustaining notes while changing notes and minimize fret hand movement. I haven't practiced it too much yet, I saw it on YT few years back and forgot. If your new, I suggest putting this into your practice routine as soon as you can comfortably divide your fingers among 4 frets. Here is my attempt at a tab: e-8----7----6-----5------- b----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- g----5----8-----7----6---- d---- a------------ repeat/slow and controlled movements this is a Chromatic riff. simply moving to the nearest fret. e-------- move one finger at a time and do your best to keep your fingers in place, letting the notes ring when changing them. Think like a "SPIDER" I know I look like a weirdo, was staring at my fingers on the camera This will improve your playing
i was fiddling with some chords from betrayed and came up with this jam
Fade to Black Intro by Metallica
Tell me what you think about my editing skills. It’s the first time I ever try changing the camera angles!😄
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Burn it down intro tutorial Ignore the random stuff halfway. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my guitar.
Here's the burn it down harmony analysis. I'll make a tutorial for the intro later today
🗣Turn your volume down !!!!! This is a piece of a practice video (as always, and I like it loud lol) Anyways, I’ve been working on getting the muted power chord changes sounding better, I hated the awful screech I would get when I would just slide to the next power chord so I’ve really been focusing on trying to pick up my hand instead of just lazily sliding it. Not sure if this is a good technique as I couldn’t find the exact answer to this problem anywhere. But I was excited it sounded better with less screeching during my movements on the muted portion.
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