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trying to work on proper finger placement. Last run through I didnt do too bad. apologies about fan didnt realize it was facing me
So this is my first video on the school!! I decided like 40 minutes ago that I’m gonna get over my fear of posting a video on here and just do it! I was always too embarrassed that I can only play rhythm guitar but I finally figured out that it’s not a bad thing and actually quite important! So I chose a song I’m good at and did it! Enjoy!!
The struggle continues....but we getting there. Again thanks to the wonderful @[77:@Hector Trejo] for teaching me one of my favourite avenged tunes!
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Finally finished another lesson on the CAGED system, some are long for me. Bar 13 I got inspired and got the 1st. Bar 20 I heard this old song in my head went something like the 2nd and than on bar 30 for some reason I got the 3rd one. I kept doing the parts of the lesson up till after the string skipping part. Than today finally finished the rest of the lesson. It probably has nothing to do with C or something, but I thought it was cool.
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unholy confessions - a7x ( guitar cover )
I posted this on my status with the last one I did. I don't think anyone saw it so reup to the media page. I haven't practiced it daily like I said I would. I recorded a bunch of playthoughs and only kept 3, I was trying to make it one go. They all had something wrong so I turned all 3 tracks on at the same time to try and fill the gaps. It's the REV's drum track I just copied it. I will do another take soon
This was my Second cover of the song Seize the day by Avenged Sevenfold..Please Like,Share,Subscribe...
Little improv over Dark eyes. I did a better improv off camera and it isn't perfect so some feedback is definitely appreciated!
Well so i decided to post a small progress i have with the unforgiven, hope you like it!! i know its out of tempo but its something, enjoy!!
Sorry for the slightly spammy uploads but here's a tutorial for the first but if the bridge of the wicked end
It's a bit messy so please ask questions if anything isn't clear
***Maybe Loud*** mixed unholy confessions drums + master of puppets riffs'offs/mutations not my image a7x
This is a short video explaining how to access different colour tones when playing over a static chord, specifically using Arpeggios! Backing chord track cre...
Down picking advice? Arch Enemy - Nemesis.
I learned this song Friday, I haven’t recorded the full version yet. Now that I look back at it I wonder if I move my hand too much during down picking? (starting at 22 seconds)
I thought the lead sounded organic so I left it, it is edited from like a 1 min recording. I made the beat by accident and thought it was cool, than came the rhythm than the lead. The beat is a mix of 2 I made and mixed it. I spent all day making this, editing it and my last one. Is the timing bad? Or are the guitars out there? They're not written in stone.
So, had to literally force myself to upload this video. Be kind to me 😂😂🙏 As I recorded this I noticed a lot of things I have to work on that I hadn't noticed while just playing (or trying too). Also, sorry for the crappy quality, I'll improve on that too hopefully. Let me know what you think I can do to better myself. Thanks 😘😘