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Nightmare solo

Nightmare solo

Iv'e already posted the nightmare solo once on here but iv'e been at it everyday since then i feel like its getting there slowly but surely i'm hoping to get it down perfectly at some point.
Was playing around with my Drop pedal tonight and decided to take a crack at the KSE version of Holy Diver. Not perfect and I struggled to get the pinch harmonic right. Fun riff though.
I learned the alternate picking X etude but didn't really feel like learning it at Syn speed so made up some of my own stuff in that place. I'm a little bit out of practice on the shredding department so probably could play that better but ooh well
Noticed a couple people with questions on positions and keys.. etc. This video is aimed at them. Basically I'm talking about taking a chord. Finding the root note on a certain string and playing the minor and relative major arpeggio in that position. And how that has helped me identify correct voice changes between chords when improving. I'm literally playing the same position and scales over every chord now. Ask if you have questions. Sorry it's longer then I wanted.
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Heard this song for the first time recently and decided to take a shot at the intro riff before work today. The verse riff is going to be a test.........
Hello everyone! So for One Month Challenge I've decided to play the acoustic part of Tonight The World Dies and sing, and I've been working on it for the last weeks. It's not finished yet, actually is not even perfect and I'm still working on the Bridge lol For this video I'm not singing yet (I probably will on the next one 😬) and I didn't play the full song. Can't say if the chords and the strumming pattern are 100% accurate, I've looked for tabs and there are a lot of versions for this song, so I didn't rely on only one version 😅 if you guys have any tips/corrections I would love to know 😊 Since we're getting into the last weeks, I've tried to push myself to start playing at the original speed, which is why it has some mistakes (and because I was nervous too 😬). Already know some things I can improve for now, but feel free to add any comments! Goals for the next week(s) are: ★ Get the bridge right at normal speed ★ Improve on chord changes ★ Start singing without getting lost 🤣
Natural born killer #synnersunday
I'm debating on whether i want to learn natural born killer, unbound, or danger line next i'm not sure yet🤔
Was originally only going to show this to Jak because of how nervous and shaky I got. But here it is. As most of you know, I struggled a bit with maintaining my rhythm around the solo and lost track. Got a better hold on that now.
Thought I'd do a short MetalMinute for our Synner Sundays! Song is Never Fade Away by the fictional band SAMURAI in Cyberpunk 2077. Just had fun with it. Haven't practiced it to a backing track before but who cares. Also tone is way too gainy / fuzzy for this.
In this video im doing de same thing that i do on the last two videos but this time on the left side of the circle of fifhts. There are more mistakes but i will keep working on this excecise
I kinda lost track where I was towards the end so there's Definetely some bluffing there. Before that as well but it's a little bit less obvious 😅
This is my progress for the one month challenge. I practised for 3 weeks now. It took me quite a while to speed up from 95% to 100%, it is better at 95, but I managed to get it too 100, little bit sloppy some parts. But when I see the first movie and now its fun to see the progress. Honestly I dont think I'll make a movie when I practised 1 month, think this is my final movie, cause it takes so many shots to finally get one that doesnt have mistakes all over, when the camera is on I always suck up more (more people have that??) Everyone who is doing one month challenge good luck with it!


When beginner players ask me how to best improve, I always tell them the honest truth... do drugs, use TikTok. That goes for most anything in life btw
Recorded at 1312 ACAB Lounge The Banter 0:00-1:50Neyxt 1:50-3:34Banter 3:34-4:07To Breakthrough 4:07-9:06More Foolishness 9:06-9:25Stormin 9:25-13:07Banter 1...
The second video that I make doing my arpeggios-improvisation etude. This is the firts time that I modulate trough all the keys on the right side of the circle of fifhts. These days I´ve been working on the left side keys of the circle of fifhts so the next video will be practicing those
Crimson Day intro to pre-chorus with a few mistakes left in. Can't wait to get it up to speed and smooth out the chord changes so it sounds better. Right now it sounds so disconnected.
Playing the intro to Master of Puppets at full-speed with all down strokes in Eb tuning. Man is my arm tired now 😂.
Hi, guys! So, I just started learning this part of the song, 'cause I thought it would be easy and it would give me some motivation to keep my practice routine going. I know, I should start using a metronome. But I thought it was harder to play with it (?). It got me really confused. Is it really hard, at the beginning, to get used to the metronome? Does anyone have any tip/advice to share about it?