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I woke up this morning thinking 'I want to sing something' so here's me singing something.
continuing with the pattern last week I'm gonna add a new song I dont have listed anywhere. This song actually had a brief appearance on the site before but not fully finished. This song came from an Amanda Palmer contest she had last year or two years ago. She had a news paper about a moment where new york lost power.. I could find the post on her instagram I think. I was late on the contest, but I still finished the song. refer to comments for song explanation.
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Share with the community song covers, new skills learned, or just any progress with our Community Riffs.
Been out of commission for a while with shoulder and arm problems. Picked this song for a good left hand workout with the 1st feet bends to build my hand strength back up. First take too! Just having fun with it!
My first ever complete song production / lyric video. Used a lot of techniques I picked up off this site. Enjoy!
help me find a better software then NCH please. Will never use that program again.
Feliz aniversário, Angus Young!Happy Birthday, Angus Young!\m/Backing track (vocal, baixo e bateria) fornecida pelo site Backing Track Brasil (www.backingtra...
This will be the last song I highlight off this set of songs. I may select a couple from the first set but the song writing aspect will be different as theory isn't 100% in those songs. refer to comments for details.
K. I've been working on the Crimson Day intro for a week. Such beautiful guitar work in this song. Definitely one of my top 10 Avenged songs. Also, any and all tips welcome.
Just a progress video for the syntster gates school. Not 100% perfect but happy with how it’s sounding!
Here goes my first day of the One Month Challenge! I chose this song because it's something not too much complicated (I think) so that I don't get discouraged and, most of all, because I love it and it's an absolute classic. Lots of work to do. The different fingering for the chords it's kicking my butt 😬 See you with this in one month 🕦💫 tips appreciated 😊
I'm singing again and picked this song because I always sing along to it. At the end I try to push my voice a little more and I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with it really 😅
Intro to Music Production Class
Hey everyone! Here's a recording that we took of one of the Intro to Music Production classes that Radu ran last week. If you have any questions about the class after watching the video, go ahead and leave them here! https://syngates.com/threads/thank-you-radu-music-production-class-attendees.5281/
Synner Sunday is all about FUN ! Let’s bring it back to what our Queen Cat/Mama Jak wanted ! 👍🏻 You won’t find perfection here, but you will find a good ole’ hot mess of fun! 🤗
This is kind of one of the 'I learned it because I felt like it' ones. I was supposed to do free falling now but these short little solos are so much fun that I figured I'd just learn one real quick
Hey! Enjoy your listen to Nightmare with my favorite band Avenged Sevenfold! Let me know in the comments what should I play!
a newer song that was written around the same time as my 2nd set of songs I have up on spotify. This one isn't there but will be when I release the next 10. This is the 2nd one I'm gonna hightlight as synner was the first. refer to comments for the details.
3rd song I'm high lighting and one of my favourites. refer to comments for description.
I learned this song by Iron Maiden. It Incredibly to play and not really that complicated which I like sometimes. Feedback is very much appreciated!
Cyborg ***Bass Tune*** ***LOUD*** got it done from last night my gta 5 ps3 glitched and i sampled it ialso made a video need to recharge I also tried to do the comping and recording from where left off learned from Radu other night :D made a picture video to go with it
I know it's far from perfect, but I'm really proud to have had this idea and made it come to fruition all today, it was a pain to just do this with my guitars, amp, and iphone, but here it is. As always, constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated.