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This is my first full speed run of this song, recorded on my phone, too lazy to use my interface. I'm hoping to have the full cover done by the end of the month time permitting. Lmk your thoughts in the meantime! (HEADPHONE WARNING) Loud mix incoming
So I just had my first lesson with @[77:@Hector Trejo] and he is helping me learn this solo.. .as you can see...slow progress. But I will work my ass off to nail this solo!
I made a tutorial for the solo in 21 Guns by greenday, This is great solo for beginners to learn!
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Posted this on my insta a few days ago and figured I share here to get everyone into the spirit !!! I’m definitely going to need CJ to teach me his masterful editing ways ! Lol. Happy Early Samhain everyone !
Allright, so this was the first riff that I uploaded on this site ~ 4 months ago. By now, I'm using the intro, verse & chorus and the first two mini-soli as a daily warmup. For me, the warmup is there to get relaxed and get in the mood to play, so any serious metronome exercises (riffs, scales, etc...) come AFTER the warmup and are not part of it! So thats why there is no metronome in the video. :P I was inspired to actually film this by @[4668:@Alicia Willis] "First riff" challenge, so here is the link to my first filmed riff in my guitar journey for comparison: https://syngates.com/media/sweet-child-omine-intro-lick-80-bpm.3351/
Here's the analysis for the harmony in all along the watchtower. I'm behind by a week so I guess you're getting 3 of these in the coming 7 days.
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Alicia had a nice idea. Posting a video of when you first started playing a song and now. I found 2 video's. One is when i started trying this solo and another is from a few months ago. Its still not perfect, but its nice to see the difference :) Sorry about the add through the video... I didnt have a video program to put the 2 vids together (if someone knows a good free program for that??)
I tried to match Matt’s vocal as accurately as I could during the chorus will slight embellishes using slides and vibrato.
I decided to take a step back and look at how far I’ve come. I found the very first riff I learned, “Enter sandman” and watched myself....no palm mutes, tons of extra strong noise and playing it all on one finger (no power chords) My guitar journey has been short, and often times I don’t feel like I’ve made much progress, but then I see old videos and realize I HAVE made progress, even if it’s slight and that’s motivation to keep going ! No matter how long it takes ! 😁
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One of my favourite solos that I transcribed recently. From Sarah Lazarus's tune 'All Right With Me' - Enjoy! (The beginning of this is me shaking my head because I had messed up the previous take!)
I listened to this song this week and I asked myself... Why I have not learned this? It's so fun to play this solo, it fits perfectly with the song. One of my all-time A7x favourite song.
Thanks a lot @[477:@Ids Schiere] for being so helpfull this last few days man! And @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga] thanks to let me record this just now due to me being ill! Hope it does the job couldnt get any better take to be honest, all of them have mess ups in some part or another :/
@[347:@ashley willis] came up with this lead part today and asked me to do rhythm. After a few minutes of figure it out this is what we got ! I’m so freaking excited about this ! It was so fun coming up with something on the fly and I really feel like it could he something. If it wasn’t for the school we definitely wouldn’t be where we are now !
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