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mix is kind of low. I apologize for that. I suggest going to 51:30 of my twitch stream to get a better listen to this. The rhythm is a couple dbs too high.
My hands hurt after practicing this for two hours😂 but revisiting the old lessons today made me realize how much I'm lacking in the basics all over again.
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My 1st video post here :) thanks @[477:@Ids Schiere] for the challenge and @[5:@Jak Angelescu] for bringing back the game. And @[4668:@Alicia Willis] for helping me post it 😅🦇🤟🏻
Posted a vid of me practicing this at a slower speed a while ago... and here is the updated progress!
Had a little fun writing a solo for this classic, its chord progression is amazing. :) I tried to sound as "synth-like" and smooth as possible, so I obviously threw in long and liquidy legato lines ^^

Dm improv

I had this Dm-Am-G-Bb chord progression laying around for a while but never used it because it was too much of a similar vibe to that other song I wrote so I figured I'd improv over it. I use some D aeolian, D Dorian and D minor pentatonic.
It's time I put a little update on my work in progress with this song... The second solo is brutal, will take a lot more time until I can play it with the backing track. Also, I learned 90% of it by ear, so there are some parts where it is not completely exact yet, haha. Turns out, my auditorial memory is worse than my visual memory, so memorizing the tabs in combination with the sound is much easier than just memorizing the sound. The high bends are still a little... yucki overall, and I feel my sustain dies in that area of the neck pretty quickly, so my pretty gainy and noisy amp channel counteracts a bit against that (but honestly, I should just try to improve the guitar setup). Alright, enough excuses, here is the brutal and honest state of progress.^^
✝️ANDY JAMES --- What Lies Beneath (FULL guitar cover)✝️⚠️⚠️⚠️⬇️GEAR USED😃🤘🎸🎸Synyster Gates Autographed Guitar Satin Goldburst Custom S with Sustainiac a...
I really was not sure if I should post this because the bends are out of tune and I completly missed one (also, the guitar is a little out of tune itself, because at that point I had been playing for a long time and couldn't be bothered to tune again, ops😂😂😂), and still have to find the right tone on the new amp, but I figured that this are struggles that all beginners go through so there's no point in "hiding" those things. Positive note: got the whole solo memorized and tried to play at 100% speed. Now I'll slow down the bpms and will work on the bendings and vibrato 🤗
A collaboration cover done with my good buddies for the late Jimmy's 40th birthday ;) All instruments purely played, recorded & mixed by ourselves! Featuring a couple of vocal tracks & videos of Jimmy - credits to respective owners. Drums & Bass: @jeremyfhealey Guitars: @muzmalek Vocals: @bigdaddyrai96, @aminyyy, @hisyam_salimnor Disclaimer: None of us are pro players nor audio engineers. Just voluntarily doing this. We love & miss you, Jimmy. -foREVer in our hearts-
My second attempt at the short instrumental track “Horn” by the late great Nick Drake. I’ve been listening to him religiously for years and feel incredibly inspired to start really taking the deep dive into his songs from a guitarists stand point. Learning his songs and techniques, which are most definitely not simple, so it’s a bit intimidating and outside of my wheelhouse. There’s a couple little uh oh here and there but not too shabby imo :) Using my Martin mini as it’s the only Martin I currently own, but I wouldn’t feel right to play Nicks music on anything else haha.
2 things. One I completely lost my place on what chord was what when I went down the fret board half way through the I focused on staying in the g minor scale for the most part. And 2... I also realized a couple things about how you can find the relative minor arpeggio in the same position as major. I'll link the twitch video in the comments.. its longer as I second guess myself plenty of times in the video when I was right all along. But I did make some mistakes that I have to fix on paper but I know them in the video.
im doing an instagram series where I play through Avenged songs that I haven't played in over 10 years, or never at all. THis weekends was remissions. I spent hours learning as much as I could to get a solid play through. I wont link all of them here, but this one I had fun playing and was one I struggled with before so felt proud to play it this time round.
Hi guys!! I recorded a video playing the solo of Hail to the King. I think that is one of the best solos of synyster
Robin Nolan taught this piece in the gypsy jazz transfusion club on Friday and I took the time to learn it. It's effectively a solo piece based on All Off Me
So after our discussion last night, I took the suggestions of curling my fingers more, being more on my finger tips, and playing one note at a time. And as suspected, I'm muting some strings. My fingers aren't as limber as normal people, due to any number of factors...and I'm doing stretching exercises when I practice. Is there anything I can do? Also, any advice on smoothly switching between chords would be amazing...I have to stop and think and then play the chord.
This perfectly illustrates why bending and vibrato control is way more important than shreddage ;) Had to throw in a little original solo at the end of course!
Sometimes when you feel a certain way, you just have to go LOW. Down to F to be exact. Learned this riff in 20 minutes cause I felt like it, so don't be too hard on me :P