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Rough demo of my new original I am working on. One guitar only, no Metronome. Only played the "main" riffs. Finished song is to have two guitars with more backup riffs. Proud on this one cause it was the first take and a one take! I think this gives a pretty good idea where the song is going. It's all finished in my head but until I recorded everything for good it will be another while. Still not quite there yet. Wasn't sure if I should keep the parts you haven't heard yet secret and surprise y'all when it's done but I figured I'd share.
Cymatics is doing a bet contest and I figured I'll see what I can come up with and just enter for fun. I figured I'd share it here as well
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This is a cover I just made.. SLAYER - Raining Blood.. Hope you guys like it. Continue your good works and we will all be great guitar players ;) haha
This was my first take so there may be some hiccups at places. I'm actually planning to do a vocal cover as well but ran out of time 😅
I hope it won't go down on youtube due to copyright >.< We had so much fun playing this without actually playing it xD
We have raised enough Channel Points for the Community Challenge so here I am busting a shred for all of your ears to bleed.
I am working on building a setlist of songs that I can play anytime, this is the first on the list. This is an audio I recorded during my practice, it's full of mistakes and embarrassing little bits but the point is to document my progress and slowly clean and polish my performances. The current state on this song is: learned. Next step is to work on the vocal performance.
Fallen angels solo
Not quite there yet theres still a part im struggling with and that's the little ascending run before the alternate picking part.


I decided to attempt playing a Django song note for note for a change. It's not perfect but I'm mind of medium Happy with it. Some of Django's licks are kind of a pain to play and not that easy to refiner but I tried 😅
I'm 'finally' starting to get to a point where alternate picking doesn't feel completely unnatural to me anymore, though the three notes per string exercises definitely still throw me off a little. Also I'm on my third week of practising every day and I'm really surprised at the progress I'm making. I honestly didn't expect to see it this much already!
This was my first cover I made a little over two years ago, a lot has improved but I'm still proud :)
I tried learning the first riff by ear and after tried the tab. I was kind of close, had the tuning in drop C# (could be wrong) The tab says, I think it's called C# Standard. The second riff was one of the first I tried to learn with my electric, at first I always alternate picked it, it sounded good to me and felt right while playing it. So now I tried to Economy pick it recently and it gives it a different feel, kind of like slow motion if I could describe it. Song's named: Slayer - Disciple and Guns 'N' Roses - Don't Cry The timing is off on both and not sure if the notes are correct on the second one The tuning is too low as well Some stuff I'm practicing
Hey! One of my favorite band! Song for during the corona times :)U WA A A A Leave a comment now what should I cover next? ! And don't forget to like and subs...
Hello family!! I'm posting for the first time!! I'm not comfortable posting it, because I'm so shy about showing my skills, but I am improving myself.... 💪🤘

Lesson 9

Practicing the C Major Scale, saying the notes as suggested. Also practicing alternate picking.
Diminished challenge
Read what's in the post. I could spent hours expanding the diminished notes but meh. The meaning of this was mainly to practice more positions and diminished is one I've barely touched. So good challenge.
getting more comfortable with new positions. This one shares the same scales as 3 and 5 are relative to each other.