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Mariler Ferrer

Parisienne walkways by Gary Moore

I posted this song here 6 months ago. I decided to try back again to track my progress since then. Thanks to the feedback I’ve been getting on my videos from friends like @Ids Schiere , @Ed Seith , @Dominik Gräber , and others I’ve been working on bends and vibrato and compared with 6 months ago I can proudly say there’s been some progress. Thank you all for your valuable help ❤️❤️❤️
I enjoyed this so much! Your vibrato really Stands Out and gives your playing Life! You seriously improved!!

I May have one Tip for you. When practicing further try practicing suttle vibrato too and make sure you hold a slight vibrato on the ending notes all the way through. The longer notes that end a phrase are the Most important I would say and need the Most Attention.
You almost nailed this and the solo sounded really good already so this is Just a Tip to add the Cherry on top!
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SO MUCH improvement! The bends and the vibrato and the confidence are all improving, and you're really starting to put your heart and your soul into the notes, too. LOVE IT!
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Thank you so much guys, your feedback is always been sooo helpful!! Love you!! ❤️
I can say I’m beginning to feel the fretboard somehow, I can’t really explain it in words, but the way I play feels totally different. And I love practicing songs like this one that are so expressive and really get me that nice feel

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