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Dominik Gräber

Practicing Sweeps with Not Ready To Die 2

Aaand third video for today lol. Listening to @Chris Johnston advice and focusing on a fluid sweep motion. It's not like I picked the notes before, but my pick got stuck between the strings so it seemed more picked than sweeped. So working on that. Still not perfect but it's just a lot to pay attention to at the time. I'll keep working on it.
maybe you need to make your picking hand more firm so it don't get stuck. I've also been trying to make everything more firm and stiff when I'm trying to go fast with sweeps or alternate picking. I think Syn is really strong, he could probably take out Chuck Norris
That's usually the opposite of what you want when sweeping. You want a more loose grip so your pick can glide over the strings with more ease.
Dude! This is a big improvement in 2 days!!!
I think you nailed the intro. Now it's time for the rythm part :love:
Thanks! The rhythm sweeps are actually pretty fun and Not that hard but I am too lazy to tune to drop d 😂
Also I did this more as a slow sweeping exercise. Don't think I'll learn the whole thing
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