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run away

2nd song im hightlighting off my 2nd set of songs I recently uploaded to spotify. This one is pretty simple and to the point. refer to comments to explanation and breakdown.
This song is basically two chords.. I believe it is F and E flat. starts with arpeggios. I think theres two separate takes in each speaker. One with chorus one without. I just pick the power chords on 2 strings. It then goes into the power chords played up a position on the next string. It just sounded better for tone. When doing this part I honestly thought of one song.

The chorus is just distortion. I use two different rhythm tones in each speaker. One with the lead pretone and one with the clean pretone. Both sound completely different but sound great together. I do this in almost every song if you listen separately.

2nd verse I do 2 things different. First I palm mute the bottom string in the rhythm lick. The lead part is some octaves I think. I'd have to play them to remember if they are full octaves of intervals. If you wanna know just let me know and I'll get the answer lol. I think they were 1st though with a ton of reverb. The prechorus is the same as the first but distorted. I feel the entire song builds up more and more and this is the high point where I always find myself beating along to it full force by this point of the 2nd chorus. Very few songs I write I have this feeling. Thats why I enjoy it so much. The solo is my playing g minor over top these two chords Let me sit down and see if I can figure out the true name of the scale..

I think its Eflat lydian lick overtop Eflat (starting on G cause that was the scale I was learning at the time) going into F. I then hold and play triplets into each hold. There is a the same chorus effect here distorted instead of clean this time. live this is a hard change for me as I use 2 different pretones here. On the recording I decide to let the sustaniac take notice and let it fade out as I start the same lick up an octave. My licks weren't really complicated as well.. I was learning to improv at this point this was made up on the spot in front of my roommate at the time who really made up the lick on bass. I play the same notes as the chorus effect here once, and then the second time around I decide to move it up a position and keep playing the same scale. Then the ending is a little backwards progression working our way down to C. Then back into the chorus one last time before the ending of the song.

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