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SGS Contest Entry

Here’s my entry! I’m super nervous as I don’t think I’ll compare to anyone here and I’m a beginner...but I wanted to show I’m learning and promised @Jak Angelescu I would. So I’m just here trying! Please be a little nice. So, I’ve been having trouble with the Circle of 5ths, which is Lesson 37 here respectively. I just decided to come up with a cool little jam for the riff contest using my Trio Band Creator Pedal. Syn’s Tips said to try to memorize it. So I worked hard all week to memorize for the Key of C at least. I googled the pattern for a pop rockish riff after Jak helped me with the system for over an hour. It gave me 1st, 6th, 4th, and 5th so the chords I’m using are C, Am, F, and G and are the ones I input into my pedal (you can see me do this at the very beginning of the video). Then I used the C Major scale to just try to jam along because I was in the Key of C. Though the Am scale works too because it’s the relative minor (6th degree) of C! Thanks guys! ❤️
🤗 yay ! You did it !!! I was anxiously awaiting your upload. So proud of you girl !
don’t apologize for being a beginner—-I stopped doing that awhile ago and it’s made me a bit more confident. be proud of practicing and progressing ❤️

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