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This little composition is based on 3 lessons:
The 3-1-3 Economy Picking Lesson
Alternate Picking
And The Exercise From Hell (Lesson 75).

The first riff which is the main riff combines all of them this techniques into one riff basically.
I practiced this lessons heavily for the last week and that is the result.

The tablature for the main riff is:

D ------------------------------4-7----------------------------7-4---
A -----------------------------6------------------------------------6-
E 5-7-8-5-7-6-5-7-8-5-6-7-8-----5-7-8-5-7-6-5-7-8-5-7-8------8

And then it is modulated and repeats itself.
I would glad to hear what you guys think about it and I hope I got the concept of the contest right haha (English is not my first language...)

I like the school because I like Synyster Gates's guitar work and find it very inspirational. The school does great job at explaining and helping guitarists improve their performance. My dream is to be a full time musician. I sing and play guitar.

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