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Dominik Gräber

SGS lesson 31: D-C-G-F Blues Improv

Still not comfortable doing improvs, but I think I had some nice moments in there. This time without backing track to switch it up a bit more. Also focusing again on using embellishments to make it more interesting.
How you are improvising is a really hard way to play the blues but it's one of the most iconic ways. Blues players are known for being able to just play with themself on stage with no backing track and no band and impress the entire audience. It requires massive chord knowledge, timing skills, rhythm skills and more. I really love to see that you were doing this!

A tip that I have for you is try to play the chord in the progression and then jam over it and then immediately when you are supposed to change to the next one play the next chord and then do your little and proposition. The shuffle rhythm you had going on was perfect! Does that make sense? You did it a few times and I think if you continue to do it it'll help you find your place in your sound a little bit better. But I keep telling you this, you have a natural feel for the blues and I love it!

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