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Sugar by system of a down

So this is my first video on the school!! I decided like 40 minutes ago that I’m gonna get over my fear of posting a video on here and just do it! I was always too embarrassed that I can only play rhythm guitar but I finally figured out that it’s not a bad thing and actually quite important! So I chose a song I’m good at and did it! Enjoy!!
That was great! So glad you jumped over your Shadow and posted! You have a Solid rhythm!
One Thing I noticed, and I could be wrong, but I believe Daron doesn't Slide to any note in the Verse but to zero. So don't hold onto that Note you're sliding to. Anyway, good Work, keep it Up!!
Nice! Rhythm is actually more improtant yes, I realised that when I stopped focusing on lead and actually learned something. Without rhythm you’re nowhere.

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