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Millie Imber

Super Mario 64 - Castle Theme (Progress+Analysis!)

Been working away on this on and off... Made so much progress! Worked out all by ear, so it may not be perfect in positioning terms, but should be right otherwise. Also, recorded in one take! :O
-Sweeping needs more work, too picky.
-More rehearsal in general needed.
-Positioning many need changing, especially around that second sweep.
-I really gotta figure out how to just pick a point and play from there, not having to redo a whole segment.
-Bend and vibrato need work, so inconsistent (Tagging @Jak Angelescu just for this XD )
-A lot of the general technique stuff I'm nitpicking is thanks to the lessons I had with Bill, which has made me really look at my playing. So much work to do but I'm getting there (Thanks dude!!)
-I will happily tab it if anyone wants to learn???

Probably missed something, so notes may be updated lol. Enjoy!

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