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Sweet child o'mine intro lick, 80 bpm

I'm a beginner, just 2 months in, so don't expect anything ^^.
Trying to clean this up before moving to higher bpm.
This is really awesome mate! Glad to hear that you are using a metronome too! Such an important tool. The notes are so clear as well.

To be "picky" and I mean really picky, I would just suggest maybe keep a similar picking pattern throughout, and
I think you could comfortably bring that metronome up to 85-90bpm.

But otherwise, spot on, Nice one!
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Thanks so much for the kind words everyone, this is very encouraging :D.

You are probably right that it is about time for a small metronome increase, its sometimes hard to find the compromise between being too comfortable and pushing too hard too soon.
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Sounds good! starting slow and get comfortable works good (for me) and slowly speeding it up. Good luck!
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