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Jackson Harsin

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I took some advice from Ailee, Filip, and Ids to create the third iteration of my solo. After the pinch harmonic in the first section I decided to change from a whole step of the first note to a half step in my pentatonic ascent up the fretboard so that the notes would feel a little more cohesive while retaining that "creepy" kind of vibe to the lick. My second change was adding a little palm muted triplet at :07 to fill it out a bit. Next I decided to change to legato for the first part of the fast section at :20 for 2 reasons. The first is that I felt the solo had a little too much pick attack to it, so this was a good way to even it out. The second is that my timing was off from the track in my last take, and moving to legato allowed me to better time the section as well as prepare for the taps. Finally, I cut off the excess at the end of my last clip (so that I was playing the right chorus) :I. Comments and critiques are extremely appreciated! Thanks again to Ailee and Filip!
that's really cool, i'd like to learn to solo like that. did you learn it all here? how do you write stuff like that down.:unsure:
I'm really glad you like it! I've been playing for about 9 years now, but in the time since the site released I have been able to pick up a ton of tips, tricks, theory, etc. that I wasn't able to learn as a self taught guitarist. I wish I had such an amazing resource like this in my early years! The way I typically write down my music is through a program called Musescore that I learned about while I was in high school. Musescore allows me to write music while also being able to play it back simultaneously. I like to think I have somewhat of a handle on theory, but if i'm being honest i don't know too much about it, so this definitely helps me compensate for my lack of knowledge.
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