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William Byerley

Syn Etude's Sweep picking I ( partial ) + some keyboarding

I got a little further with the sweep picking lesson, 8 bars and the bend at 70% speed. The first 4 bars helped separate my middle and index fingers, not to mention the huge pinky stretch. The next 4 bars had me connect them close again, which was awkward feeling. I've been working on my bends and muting, it's making my fingertips numb and can't do it for too long. Here I'm using my index finger to mute like 3-4 strings and bending with my 3 other fingers, I'm just lightly resting it on the strings and applying pressure to my other 3 fingers for the bend and vibrato.

Last half is some weird keyboard stuff again, I did a little bit of practice again today along with other guitar stuff. Didn't record anything during the day so the volume is low again. So yeah this is what I got for today, I'll try to get something loud when I wake up, usually got more energy too.

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