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Syn teaching me how to do pinch harmonics 🤘🏻
Yosi Yamin

Syn teaching me how to do pinch harmonics 🤘🏻

Good times brother how’s it coming along??
Good times indeed brother, that day was an absolute dream come true and I still cant thank you enough for being the unbelievably kind and amazing person that you are!
I've been practicing techniques, scales, some songs and chords ever since then. About pinch harmonics, I practiced them the way you taught me and I really got it after a few days of practicing just like you said! I'll post a progress video of my playing to my profile here this week.
Can you do a Synetude on the interlude for so far away I’ve been meaning to learn it but I just can’t find the right stuff for it
If I am not mistaken that interlude uses a 12 string guitar. I can play like 90% of it on 6 string I think I play it quite different to the accustomed way its played.

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