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#SynnerSundays + #OneMonthChallenge - My progress so far on Zacky's part of Tonight The World Dies

Hello everyone! So for One Month Challenge I've decided to play the acoustic part of Tonight The World Dies and sing, and I've been working on it for the last weeks. It's not finished yet, actually is not even perfect and I'm still working on the Bridge lol
For this video I'm not singing yet (I probably will on the next one 😬) and I didn't play the full song. Can't say if the chords and the strumming pattern are 100% accurate, I've looked for tabs and there are a lot of versions for this song, so I didn't rely on only one version 😅 if you guys have any tips/corrections I would love to know 😊
Since we're getting into the last weeks, I've tried to push myself to start playing at the original speed, which is why it has some mistakes (and because I was nervous too 😬). Already know some things I can improve for now, but feel free to add any comments!
Goals for the next week(s) are:
★ Get the bridge right at normal speed
★ Improve on chord changes
★ Start singing without getting lost 🤣

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