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Muz Malek

Syn’s Tip Riffs for Pedal Contest Entry - Muz Malek

Hey Synners!

Came up with this cool little piece, inspired by lesson 101 & 102 - Harmonic Minor & Phrygian Dominant scale, featuring "Shepherd of Fire"!
Recycled drums from Shepherd of Fire, because I don't have the resources to create my own track(budget).

The main/intro melody utilizes the 5th degree of the G Harmonic minor scale, which is a D Phrygian with a #3, also called the D Phrygian dominant scale , backed up with a couple of cool chords, which I may do an explanation video upon request :)

Apologies for the bad mix. I was rushing this one out x)

Credits to Alpom ( ) for the isolated drum track!

Gear used:
Schecter Synyster Gates Custom-S
Blackstar ID:Core Beam

All the best & enjoy, Synners!

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