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Zack Elekes

Syn's Tips Pedal Contest Entry

This is my entry attempt for this awesome contest. The riff that I wrote requires a lot of palm muting technique, that I am learning from ,,Lesson 18- Introduction to Power Chords and Palm Muting". As Syn said it ,, This is the main rhythm style and technique for Avenged Sevenfold" so it was a most for me to learn it :))
I was focusing really hard to nail this with maximum precision, plus I layered the tracks ( 5 guitar tracks, 2 on the left, 2 on the right, one in the middle), so it had to be dead on. The hardest part for me was changing between palm muted and unmuted notes, because in this riff one palm muted note is followed by an unmuted one almost every time. And also there is a little bit of string skipping too.
I hope you like it and good luck to every Synner!
Cheers! :))

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