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Playing the guitar solo from Seize the Day by the good old boys there. A friend of mine laid down the acoustic guitar for a little background rhythm. I can't do it quite like Mr. Gates, and I struggle with that pinch harmonic so I pussy out lol. But I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. It's a tim
A fingerstyle arrangement of One Republic's classic song "Apologize". One of my favorite pop songs. Fingerstyle is such a virtue. It can take a long time to develop to the point where you can arrange a whole song yourself for just one instrument responsible for everything. I'm certainly not a master
My acoustic cover of Hail to the King. This is one of the most fun songs to play that I know. I don't know the guitar solo, so I made one up, it was rather half-assed but I had to do something, right? But I I believe I captured everything else pretty well. I hope you enjoy and are able to learn some