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Thought I may have another crack at @[4668:@Alicia Willis] 1 week challenge. This time around I am going to try and learn Laid To Rest, day 1 has pretty much been getting the riffs under my fingers (still 1 I am working on), then it's on to getting it up to speed (hopefully) over the rest of the week.
Final day of the challenge, intro and verse/chorus, threw in the bridge section for good measure. A few little mistakes here and there but overall I am happy with the progress given the time frame. Will be one I will continue to work on.
I figured I would dive in on Alicia's 1 week challenge, I chose this song partly because it's one of my favourites off The Blackening and was great fun in Rock Band (in all it's plastic glory), but primarily due to it being alternate picked with some string skipping (stuff that I would tend to down pick). Currently, it's as rough as hessian undies, but that's kinda the point of day 1. Hopefully I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!
I attempted to learn this years ago, but struggled with a few parts and put it on the backburner. Figured it was time to pull my finger out and have a decent crack at it. Still needs some work but it's getting there👍
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Firstly, sorry for the delay 😊 I decided to do the blues verse as it hadn't been done by many, I came up with an original part taking some inspiration from whay Ids had put together. Hope you like it.
A few timing errors here and there but turned out ok overall. Also working on the Sanitarium intro solo, will post that up next time.
Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some lead improv. Usually not something I dip into very often, mainly due to lack of scale knowledge, but the only way to getter better is by doing. Hope you enjoy it. Backing track -
Challenged by Christian to learn Rats. Never heard Ghost before, not a bad song, will have to check out more of their stuff. Timing a little off in parts but overall not unhappy with it.
I was challenged by Ids to learn this riff. I struggled getting my alt picking close to the speed of the original so opted to do it all downpicked. I chose to play 2 reps each of the opening riff and the verse riff. Still needs some work, fun riff to play though.
Some more late night (early morning?) playing around, this time the first few bits of Blackbird.